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Tea, Toast And Taxing Conversation

A brand new friendship might have been forged this morning between Ken and Danielle, as the youngest and oldest housemates made 'small talk' over breakfast.

As the model chomped into her toast, Ken asked, "How often do you eat, usually, in a day? Do you have a big breakfast?"

"No, tea and toast," replied Danielle, before confessing that she isn't normally up at the traditional breakfast time anyway.

"Nice one," said the movie director, even though he's a real early bird and usually rises at dawn for a big cup of tea.

The youngster then enquired about where Ken comes from, asking, "Do you live in London?" However, when he stated that he lives in the New Forest, there was a touch of the Jade Goody about Danielle's response: "Is that near Cornwall?"

Ken politely pointed-out that she was about 200 miles off, but then got it wrong himself when the 23-year-old said that she was originally from Liverpool, but now lives in Essex.

"Is that the Midlands?" asked the slightly deaf Director, getting it miles out.

"No, London," replied Danielle.

"Acton? I know it," said the movie man, in what was turning out to be a totally farcical conversation.

"No, Essex," corrected Danielle.

"Oh, you're an Essex girl?" said Ken as the penny dropped, before acknowledging the area as a fine county full of millionaires.

Blimey, this small talk malarkey seems like hard work for these two, so they'd best avoid the standard British conversation about weather and quit while they're ahead!

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