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Is Jade Returning To The House?

Hot on the heels of our article re-iterating most of the people named as potential Celebrity housemates so far, a new name has now cropped-up. Well, not exactly a new name as such, because it's that of Jade Goody.

The gobby BB3 dimwit has allegedly been overhead claiming that she will be entering Hertfordshire's most famous House soon, along with love-rat boyfriend Jack Tweedy, her Nan, her Granddad and, to complete the family unit, her one-armed lesbian Mum, Jackiey. Blimey!

Whether it's true or not is anyone's guess, but no-one can deny that Jade is one of (if not the) biggest stars of Big Brother and she would certainly pull the viewers in.

Fans love to watch her doing and saying dumb things, even if they're forced to admit that, four years after leaving the Big Brother House in 4th place, the 24-year-old has become adept at hamming-up her stupidity and keeping herself in the papers and magazines.

On that note, you have to wonder whether this rumour is simply a lame and entirely pointless publicity stunt on her behalf. However, we know that the show's producers are definitely planning 'a big surprise' on Day 3 of Celebrity Big Brother 5, and apparently it isn't an eviction.

So, could Jade and crew be going into the Secret House to cause havoc for the proper Celebs, or just to create a side-show of their own? Maybe, although we don't think that the franchise needs such a push after the success of last year's Celebrity BB to be honest.

Still, if true it's almost guaranteed to make for fascinating viewing, watching mouthy Jade, her scary Mum, her shoplifting Nan and her argument-causing fella all cooped-up together ...and that's assuming the Granddad is 'normal!'

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