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More CBB5 News And Rumours

A few weeks ago we announced the forthcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother and mentioned some potential housemates. Since then, there's been a plethora names either leaked by supposed insiders or printed in the tabloids, so we thought we'd do a round-up.

In no particular order, here's a load more of the names that have been bandied-about recently:

Outspoken beard-wearer and TV critic Gary Bushell, nutty Hi-de-Hi! actress Su Pollard, former glamour model Jo Guest and perma-tanned and politically incorrect politician Robert Kilroy-Silk.

Then there's fuzzy-haired 70's star Leo Sayer, glamour girl Leilani Dowding, fallen TV presenter John Leslie and confirmed liar and one-time jailbird, Jeffrey Archer.

Plus, 'American Pie' actress Tara Reid, Ian 'H from Steps' Watkins, former EastEnder Nicola Stapleton and Boy George's old mucker, Marilyn.

Then we have 'Grotbags' aka Carol Lee Scott (remember? "There's somebody at the door!"), sonar-voiced singer Justin Hawkins, beehive-wearing former Corrie star Julie Goodyear and Pete Waterman's old sidekick, TV presenter Michaela Strachan.

Also, pirate-like 80's popster Adam Ant, Bollywood superbabe Shilpa Shetty, transsexual (fake) child prodigy Lauren Harries, hardcore rapper Lil' Kim, punk singer Donny Tourette, former Miss England Danielle Lloyd and scatty, eccentric MP Boris Johnson.

Lastly, there's also been a rumour that a real couple will enter the House, namely retired footy star Jason Cundy and his actress/ presenter wife Lizzie. Frankly, we've never heard of 'em, but it could be good if Big Bro puts a bona fide couple into the House and deliberately withholds the fact that they're an item. Producers are certainly planning a 'big twist' to kick things off.

You may not have heard of everyone listed above either, but at least most have been around for a while and would hopefully have a few stories to tell, unlike some of last year's obscure housemates (cough, Maggot and Preston), who were seemingly about 12 years old and/ or no-one had ever heard of!

Still, there's no guarantee that any of the above will actually make it into the BB House, but if we were forced to place bet on who's most likely from the 30-or so names that we've listed so far, we'd hesitantly opt for:

Leo Sayer, Tara Reid, 'H' from Steps, Julie Goodyear, Shilpa Shetty, Lauren Harries, Donny Tourette, Danielle Lloyd and Jason Cundy/ Lizzie, not forgetting Dirk Benedict and Jermaine Jackson, as mentioned in a previous article.

So, could that rabble be the twelve new faces of Celeb Big Bro, set to enter the House in just a few days time? Who knows, but don't forget to pop back here to find-out for sure. Also, you could always come and speculate in our Discussion Forums, which will re-open on Wednesday afternoon.

Celebrity Big Brother 5 begins on Wednesday the 3rd of January 2007 and the series is set to end on Sunday the 28th of January.

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