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Big Brother Recommissioned For Another 3 Years

Good news for BB fans: Channel 4 have recommissioned one of your favourite TV shows for an additional three years.

The broadcaster's contract with programme makers Endemol has been re-negotiated several times over the years. In fact, the last time these negotiations took place the show was set to run until 2007.

However, after this latest round of talks it will definitely be screened on Channel 4 for at least eleven series/ until 2010.

We've been saying for a while that the show could run for ten series if the public still wanted to continue watching it; well, they obviously do as the Finale of Big Brother 7 was watched by a whopping 8 Million viewers.

That equates to around 45% of the people watching TV at the time, so clearly Big Brother is still big. This is despite inevitable groans from all those people who claim that they don't watch BB yet seem to know all about it by the end of the summer. You know who you are!

About the latest deal, Channel 4's commissioning editor Angela Jain said, "Channel 4 is the spiritual home of Big Brother. It remains the ultimate reality format and continues to deliver dramatic, innovative viewing as one of the UK's most talked-about television programmes".

Indeed, the show is always the talk of homes and offices around the country and if Channel 4 were to relinquish the format, it would undoubtedly be snapped-up by a rival broadcaster such as ITV.

So, Big Brother continues to go from strength-to-strength and the only thing that we could really criticise BB7 for was the fact that, to us, the series was a bit too long.

In our post-BB7 Poll, fans (doubtless pining for the show) indicated that the series should have been even longer than 13 weeks. However, in reality, people were getting a bit exhausted towards the end of the series.

Frankly, as much as they enjoy following BB throughout the summer, many fans want to watch other TV programmes, go on holiday or just get on with their lives.

So, we recommend that the producers return to a 9, 10 or 11-week series from Big Brother 8 onwards. Indeed, Channel 4 have already hinted to BBO that they'll be taking our advice into account over this issue.

Anyway, that's your next few summers' TV viewing accounted-for!

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