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Name: Leo Sayer
Age: 58
Lives: Sydney in Australia
Occupation: Pop Singer or, 'Internationally Acclaimed Singer, Songwriter and Entertainer' as his own website labels him
Why are you taking part in Celebrity Big Brother 5?: "At this point in my life it would be great for people to get to know a little bit more about me. It's a way of exposing myself... in the nicest possible way!" (Not too pretentious then? - Ed)
What do you think you'll get from the experience of taking part in CBB5?: "I've got no expectations really. I have an open mind and I live on my wits. It should be fun and challenging, like getting trapped in a lift or being taken hostage."

Other Info:

Leo Sayer - Celebrity Big Brother 5 Housemate

Diminutive pop star Leo scored chart Number 1's around the world with hits such as 'You Make Me Feel Like Dancing' and 'When I Need You' in the late 1970's.

He also had reasonable success with singles 'One Man Band' and 'Moonlighting' amongst others. However, although Leo's heyday was decades ago, he has continued to write and perform live. His hits have also been sampled or remixed, and DJ 'Meck' had chart success in 2006 with the tune 'Thunder In My Heart Again', which reached Number 1 in the UK.

Before his music career got going, Leo spent time as a professional artist and then worked in a car factory. He is heavily into Formula 1 motor racing and once drove with three-time World Champion, the late Niki Lauda. Leo counts former racing champs Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill as his close friends.

Leo, who is known for his trademark curly hair and for having a fun, bubbly persona, has been mistaken many times for the similar-looking American fitness guru Richard Simmons. He lives with his girlfriend in Australia.

Current Game Status/ Position: Leo Sayer came 11th Overall (out of 14), lasting ten days in the game before leaving in a tantrum, thereby becoming the third person to quit. See here and here.

At the time of his quitting on Friday the 12th of January 2007 (Day 10), Leo was facing possible eviction at the 2nd Eviction later that day, up against Carole Malone and Dirk Benedict. In fact, it was more like certain eviction, because when Leo left, our Poll asking who fans wanted to evict read: Leo-53%, Carole-42%, Dirk-5%.

Indeed, Davina later confirmed that Leo would definitely have been evicted. However, as a consequence of his actions, it meant that either Carole or Dirk would definitely be sent home that evening. In other words, had Leo stayed in the game, the other two nominees would have survived for sure (it was Carole who got the boot in the end).

Prior to this, Leo hadn't faced eviction (i.e. at the 1st Eviction) as he was one of the 'servants' in the Masters and Servants task, and was therefore safe.

Nomination History:

1st  (Day 9) - Danielle, Ian, Jo and Shilpa nominated Leo at the first round. See here.
2nd  (Day 15) - Leo had left the House by the time of the second round of nominations.

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