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Name: Ken Russell
Age: 79
Lives: London
Occupation: Film Director and sometime Actor
Why are you taking part in Celebrity Big Brother 5?: "I was at a nautical college when I was young which was full of sado-masochists. I've got a hankering for those days again, which I'm keen to recapture."
What do you think you'll get from the experience of taking part in CBB5?: "It'll probably be worse than I can possibly imagine in my wildest dreams... or nightmares! I'm looking forward to meeting Faye Dunaway, as we're old friends." (Too bad Ken, she's not going in mate! - Ed)

Other Info:

Ken Russell - Celebrity Big Brother 5 Housemate

The undisputed bad boy of British cinema, Ken Russell's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother fulfils a recent ambition of his. Ken is apparently a huge fan of the show and watched Big Brother 7 avidly last summer; he was outraged when Pete Bennett was not given his letter from home.

Known for making controversial and sexually ground-breaking movies such as 'Women in Love' and 'The Devils', Ken is an Oscar nominee and BAFTA Award winner whose biggest hit was the mid-1970's rock opera 'Tommy'.

The self-confessed 'grand enfant terrible' of the UK film industry, who served in the merchant navy in his younger days, is still making films on a smaller scale. However, the high point of Ken's career was having three films showing in the West End simultaneously.

Offended by dog mess on pavements, Ken has a phobia of large leaves. He is not a fan of World leaders George Bush and Tony Blair, and also has a dislike for weather forecasters. He loves classical music, movies and rainfall, but hates the sun, heat and humidity.

Ken lives with his fourth wife, who he met via a dating agency having used his fame to win her over. He has eight children.

Current Game Status/ Position: Ken Russell came 13th Overall (out of 14), lasting just five days in the game before quitting because of Jade's lot. See here. Ken was the second person to leave the game of his own accord.

At the time of his leaving on Sunday the 7th of January 2007 (Day 5), Ken was facing possible eviction at the 1st Eviction, which subsequently took place on Day 8. This was because he opted to remain in the main House as one of the 'Masters' during the Masters and Servants task that began on Day 3. He was up against Jack Tweed, Jackiey Budden, Jade Goody, Jermaine Jackson and Shilpa Shetty, and the public were voting to save someone rather than to evict. According to our Polls, it is very unlikely that Ken would have got the boot at the 1st Eviction if he'd stayed in the game.

Nomination History:

1st  (Day 9) - Ken had left the House by the time of the first round of nominations.

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