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Name: Jo O'Meara
Age: 27
Lives: Essex
Occupation: Former Singer in the pop group 'S Club 7'
Why are you taking part in Celebrity Big Brother 5?: "I've absolutely no idea why I'm doing this... it's something I've never done before and the money will come in handy to be honest."
What do you think you'll get from the experience of taking part in CBB5?: "I'd just like the public to see me for who I really am. And I hope my fellow housemates don't nominate me if moan and cry, because that has been known to happen before!"

Other Info:

Jo O'Meara - Celebrity Big Brother 5 Housemate

Known as the main vocalist in the Brit Award-winning pop band 'S Club 7', Jo first came to the public's attention through a kids' TV series which was the launchpad for her 7-piece group.

In the 1999 sitcom called 'Miami 7' (later series of which changed the name to suit the location), Jo lived with her fellow band mates Bradley, Hannah, John, Paul, Rachel and Tina. This fun show charted the group's antics as they tried to crack America, and also showcased their music.

At one time or another, S Club 7's programmes have been on television in over 100 countries. And, having had their name shortened to 'S Club' after one member left, the band had sold around 10 Million albums by the time they split in 2003.

Instead of building on this success though, Jo took time out to catch-up with friends and family, not to mention hitting the fruit machines in her home town of Romford! She did, however, try to get a solo career going in 2005, which didn't meet with a great deal of success.

About her time in S Club, Jo says, "Being in the band was a love/ hate relationship and we were often really jetlagged". She doesn't miss all the travelling and hectic schedules, and now concentrates her efforts on breeding dogs.

Jo has seven tattoos and her perfect day would be to sleep-in late and then enjoy a Chinese meal with a movie.

Current Game Status/ Position: Jo O'Meara came 8th Overall (out of 14), lasting twenty-four days in the game.

Jo was evicted at the 4th Eviction on Friday the 26th of January 2007 (Day 24) when up-against Cleo Rocos, Dirk Benedict, Ian Watkins and Shilpa Shetty. Jo received 48% in the public vote that evicted her, and because it was a double eviction, she left the House with the 7th-placed contestant (Cleo).

This 'dual' eviction was arguably a bid by the show's producers to protect inevitable evictee Jo, as sending her out with a less-hated housemate was likely to invoke a mixed reaction from the crowd. Otherwise, she would have been seriously jeered, booed and chanted-at. The reason that Jo had become something of a hate figure was because of her bullying behaviour towards Shilpa, in cahoots with Danielle and Jade.

To re-iterate, the results of the 4th and 5th Evictions were announced one after the other, and Cleo had just beaten Jo in terms of survival in the game. However, both evictees left the House at the same time and were interviewed together.

Prior to this, Jo hadn't faced eviction. At the 1st Eviction she was one of the 'servants' in the Masters and Servants task, and was therefore safe.

Nomination History:

1st  (Day 9) - Jo was nominated by Jermaine and Leo at the first round. See here. NB. Carole and Cleo were banned from nominating.
2nd  (Day 15) - At the second round, Jo was nominated by Jermaine only.
3rd  (Day 21) - Jo was nominated by Dirk, Ian and Jermaine at the third and final round of nominations.

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