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Name: Jade Goody
Age: 25
Lives: Essex
Occupation: Celebrated 'div' and professional not-known-for-anything-of-note Celebrity figure
How do you feel about entering the Big Brother House with members of your family?: "I'm nervous. All it does is give me two more people to worry about and look-out for."

Other Info:

Jade has been in the (old) Big Brother House before, having been a contestant on Big Brother 3 in the summer of 2002. During that series, where she came fourth overall, Jade became known as a loud-but-loveable dimwit.

Indeed, former dental nurse Jade was famous for spouting 'Jadeisms' such as suggesting that East Angular (East Anglia) was abroad, that strawberries were vegetables and saying dippy things like, "Rio De Janeiro? Ain't that a person?"

Others include her talk about an old-fashioned piece of apparatus called a 'wirelophone' (gramophone/ wireless), the time she thought that Inspector Morse and Sherlock Holmes were real people, and her comment, "I like that pink champagne, Don Perrier (Dom Perignon)".

She also got sozzled and stripped-off during a drinking game, almost showing her 'kebab' in the process and consequently being dubbed The Pig by tabloid newspapers. Jade also got into a big barnie over the fact that she had a 'fazooka' on her foot, otherwise known as a verruca to the rest of us!

Being the UK's most successful Reality TV star, Jade has apparently amassed a fortune of several million pounds from the release of her own fragrance, an autobiography and some fitness DVDs. Plus, regular features in magazines like Heat and OK!, not to mention her appearances on programmes such as Celebrity Driving School, Celebrity Wife Swap, Back to Reality, Jade's Salon, Just Jade and Jade's PA.

Jade has two sons, Bobby Jack and Freddie, both by ex-partner and TV presenter-slash-fellow-Reality-TV-star Jeff Brazier.

Current Game Status/ Position: Jade Goody came 9th Overall (out of 14), lasting fifteen days in the game.

Having arrived on Day 3 together with her Mum Jackiey and boyfriend Jack, Jade was evicted at the 3rd Eviction on Friday the 19th of January 2007 (Day 17). She was up-against Shilpa Shetty and received a whopping 82% in the public vote that evicted her.

It was surprising that her percentage wasn't even higher though, as Jade left the House under a cloud. Indeed, having caused an International race row and been accused of bullying Shilpa along with Jo and Danielle, at the time of writing Jade has arguably wrecked her lucrative career.

Prior to this, Jade had faced possible eviction at the 1st Eviction on Wednesday the 10th of January (Day 8), because she was one of six 'Masters' in the Masters and Servants task (Day 3 onwards). She was up-against Jack Tweed, Jackiey Budden, Jermaine Jackson, Ken Russell and Shilpa Shetty (Jackiey got evicted), and the public were voting to save someone rather than voting to evict. Ultimately, however, Ken wasn't actually in the running as he quit the show a few days before the eviction.

Nomination History:

1st  (Day 9) - Jade was the only housemate not to be nominated at the first round. See here. NB. Carole and Cleo were banned from nominating.
2nd  (Day 15) - At the second round, Jade was nominated by Cleo, Dirk, Ian, Jermaine and Shilpa.
3rd  (Day 21) - Jade had left the House by the time of the third round of nominations.

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