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Name: Carole Malone
Age: 47 (ahem, she's actually 52!)
Lives: London
Occupation: Tabloid Newspaper Columnist/ Journalist
Why are you taking part in Celebrity Big Brother 5?:

"Every journo in the country wants to know more about Big Brother, so this is an absolute story for me... call it journalistic curiosity. It's also a test; I've never had to compromise before and it'll be interesting to see how I'll react in that situation."

What do you think you'll get from the experience of taking part in CBB5?: "I'm expecting the worst, but I'm hoping for the best."

Other Info:

Carole Malone - Celebrity Big Brother 5 Housemate

Having grown-up in a small mining village near Newcastle, Carole knew at an early age that she wanted to be a journalist, something which caused friction within her family.

Carole currently writes her own weekly column for the Sunday Mirror, commenting on a wide range of current issues inlcuding politics, health and celebrities. She is the first ever tabloid columnist to enter the Big Brother house as a celebrity housemate, but has been on a Reality show before (Celebrity Fit Club in 2006).

Famous for her outspoken views, Carole is not afraid to speak her mind. She once dubbed Big Brother contestants 'a bunch of morons' and has slated Jade Goody in particular. However, Carole says that she's not afraid of coming face-to-face with someone she's previously criticised.

Carole has been married for 14 years to her Bosnian husband Nino, who is eight years her junior. They met in a bar following a party for journalists.

Current Game Status/ Position: Carole Malone came 10th Overall (out of 14), lasting ten days in the game.

Carole was evicted at the 2nd Eviction on Friday the 12th of January 2007 (Day 10) when up-against Dirk Benedict. However, third nominee Leo Sayer was also facing eviction at the 2nd Eviction until he quit the game earlier that day.

In fact, Carole would definitely have survived if Leo had stayed in the game to face the music, something Davina later confirmed. Carole was 'up' at the 2nd Eviction as the result of a vote by her peers, although she may have been up anyway if this hadn't taken place, we'll never know. See here and here. Carole received 77% in the public vote that evicted her.

Prior to this, Carole hadn't faced eviction (i.e. at the 1st Eviction) as she was one of the 'servants' in the Masters and Servants task and was therefore safe.

Nomination History:

1st  (Day 9) - Carole was chosen to face eviction by her peers at the first round. This was a punishment by Big Brother, and the group couldn't nominate Carole or Cleo as they might normally, but had to chose between them in addition to giving their nominations. See here.
2nd  (Day 15) - Carole had left the House by the time of the second round of nominations.

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