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Task: Housemates Are A Bunch Of Bankers

The housemates have been set a new shopping task today, for-which they've become bankers. And yes, we know that some of them already comes across as right 'merchant bankers'. Arf!

For the latest task, Big Brother had put some posh-looking dining room chairs around the table and installed a telephone booth.

When the old 'dog-and-bone' rang this afternoon, Chantelle quickly answered and was summoned to the Diary Room with, you've guessed it, Preston.

It was then revealed that they'd both been given the position 'Director of the Big Brother Bank', and were told that their peers had become their employees, otherwise known as the Bankers.

As a privilege for the top brass, Chantelle and Preston would get to hang-out in a secret room, a kind of Gentleman's Club, with wood-panelled walls, leather armchairs and posh nosh. However, they weren't allowed to tell the rest of the group about their secret room.

But sly dog Big Brother was implementing one its famous twists, for the all-scheming entity told the Directors that the group must successfully complete two-out-of-three sections of the task in order to pass.

However, having congregated in the lounge, the other six housemates were not only shown the secret room on the plasma screen, but told the opposite: that they must fail two-out-of-three sections.

The workers were banned from discussing the real aim of the task with their bosses, or revealing that they know about the secret room.

This one should be good; just imagine the frustration for Chantelle and Preston when their employees keep getting simple tasks wrong!

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