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Fourth Nominees Revealed

The nominees facing the 'chop on Wednesday the 25th of January 2006 have now been announced. They are:

Chantelle, Dennis and George.

So, for the fourth time in a row, three people are up for eviction again, two of whom will definitely be going as it's a double eviction on Wednesday night.

There was a bit of twist again in relation to how the nominees were decided, in that George was not allowed to nominate having been penalised by BB for talking about nominations again.

It was the politician's peers, however, that made the decision to prevent him from voting. Aww, too bad.

At the fourth nominations here’s who everyone voted-for, with the number of votes they received in brackets:

Chantelle (3) - Dennis and George
Dennis (3) - Chantelle and Michael
George (4) - Was prevented from nominating as a punishment
Maggot (0) - Pete and George
Michael (1) - Dennis and Pete
Pete (2) - Chantelle and Traci
Preston (0) - George and Dennis
Traci (1) - George and Chantelle

So, George received 4 votes and was therefore destined to become a nominee even if he hadn't been punished. Had he nominated, say, Maggot or (more likely) Michael and Traci, it wouldn't have made any difference to the outcome.

As for who's likely to go, the man with the misnomer nickname, Gorgeous George, is a dead cert. But which of the other two nominees will follow him through the golden door?

Well, it's tempting to plump for Dennis, but if you look at the Polls the big guy is actually slightly more popular than Chantelle – this was the case both in our post-3rd Eviction 'Who Do You Want Out Next?' Poll, and our newly-started (Sunday pm) 'Who Do You Want Evicted On Wednesday?' Poll.

That said, the latter hasn't really got going yet and frankly, we'd be really surprised if Chantelle went. Then again, she is one of the most unpopular housemates within the contestant group, so perhaps she's not as popular as everyone thinks on the outside?

Which pair get the old 'heave ho' on Wednesday night is down to you. If you'd like to discuss the benefits of keeping a particular housemate, or indeed the reason to get shot of another, then visit our Discussion Forum now to talk it over with other fans.

And if you fancy a flutter on the likely outcome of the next eviction or the overall Winner of Celebrity Big Brother 4, head for the 'Specials' section of the BlueSquare website. Sign-up, place your first £10 bet and you'll get a FREE £25 bet added to your acccount. You can't lose!

Who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until around 9.30pm Wednesday night. The telephone numbers are detailed in another story within our Latest News section.

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