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Chantelle: Already A Winner?

The series isn't even over yet, but we've been thinking: is Chantelle already a Winner?

With less than 12 hours to go until she leaves the house, the dizzy blonde is the current favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother 4. However, even though the outcome isn't guaranteed because Michael and Preston are both in with a good chance, Chantelle has already won in many ways.

She came into the house an ordinary member of the public, but having been accepted and embraced by the fans, the dizzy 22-year-old has become a minor celebrity in her own right now.

Chantelle is believed to have been paid a minimal amount of money to appear on the show (as all housemates are, whatever the series), certainly not the tens-of-thousands of pounds that the celebs were paid.

However, according to our sources, the tabloid newspapers are allegedly willing to splash-out upto £100,000 for her story. That's not bad for three weeks work, but it doesn't end there!

Apparently, Chantelle is affectionately known by her friends as 'Paris Travelodge', a pun on the fact that she worked as a Paris Hilton lookalike, the gag being that she's a cheaper version of the famous socialite.

But hotel chain Travelodge absolutely love the idea of using Chantelle in their adverts and will be speaking to her when she gets out. A spokesperson for the budget hotel chain said, "Travelodge rooms cost from a 'tenner a night. That's a down-to-earth price that Chantelle's image would communicate brilliantly".

And that's not all, for the bubbly blonde is set to release the tune she sang in a bid to dupe her peers into believing that she was really a pop star.

'I Want It Right Now' was originally written for Kylie Minogue, but the catchy ditty will now hit the charts with Chantelle on vocals.

A spokesperson for publishing company Fat Fox said, "Chantelle has a great personality, and with a bit of dance and vocal training, she could do really well with this catchy song".

So, it seems that things can't wrong for the Essex girl, whatever happens at the CBB4 Finale.

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