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You Are Now Voting For A WINNER!

Now that George and Dennis have gone, there are just six contestants left in the Big Brother house and you are now voting for a Winner.

There are no more evictions based on nominations; indeed, there are no more evictions before the series Finale this Friday, when five housemates will get the boot before the Winner is crowned.

Your choices are: Chantelle, Michael, Pete, Maggot, Preston and Traci, and only you can decide which one of that lot has done enough to warrant winning.

We say that, but as always, the person who's created the most friction during their stay, or has given us the most to talk about (Pete), almost certainly won't win. Fans will happily let such a person entertain them, but unless they are likeable too, they stand little chance of winning.

Of the others, Traci hasn't offended anyone but she hasn't added a great deal to the show either... apart from being eye candy for the male viewers! Therefore, she isn't really in the running.

Maggot seems like a genuine bloke but has almost – as he put it himself – just been making up the numbers. Actually, that's a bit harsh as he can be quite funny and he's the least pretentious person in there (including Chantelle). That's a good trait, but is it enough?

Michael received a fantastic reception from the public on his arrival, despite the fact that the tabloids insist on claiming the public hate him. He could have won, well, he still can, but we're not sure that he's been funny enough (or sane enough!) to win over the public.

The bookies don't think so, but to us, the entertainer is still in the running, having put his early rants against Jodie behind him and come out with some funny stuff since.

Press Stud, aka Preston, hasn't really done much more than Maggot to some fans, and only came alive when sticking-up for Michael recently. However, he's been a steady player, is an intelligent and likeable guy and is up for a laugh.

We're not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing that he didn't get more involved with Chantelle (good: our viewing pleasure, bad: his ethics), but he definitely stands a chance of winning on Friday night.

And lastly, Chantelle. She came into the house as a 'nobody' and did well to integrate with the group of so-called celebrities. However, her shine has started to wear-off now and when you strip it down, she's just another dizzy blonde. A likeable one though.

Let's not forget that she's also a confirmed 'wannabe', having previously done lots of modeling and lookalike work. Indeed, some fans have accused her of befriending Preston just to further her own career, which would make her smarter than people think... even if it wouldn't go down too well with the female viewers!

Looking at our own Discussion Forum, the ratio of chat about the remaining housemates has been something like: 24% Pete, 20% Chantelle, 18% Preston, 14% Michael, 13% Maggot and 11% Traci.

However, it doesn’t always follow that just because you've been chatting about someone, they'll win the show. In fact, Pete is highly unlikely to win.

Anyway, who Wins the series is up to you, so make sure you register your vote and tune-in to Channel 4 at 8.30pm on Friday the 27th of January 2006, for the first of two Finale shows.

Voting lines are now open. The voting text and telephone numbers are detailed in another story within our Latest News section.

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