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Group Bans George From Nominating

George has already been penalised for discussing nominations once, but that arguably didn't affect him really, as he got to choose the nominees with Preston. Today, however, he got his comeuppance.

At 3.19pm this afternoon, Preston was called to the Diary Room and given a laminate to read-out to the group. It detailed how George had discussed possible nominees during a conversation with Rula on Day 15, the day after he'd nominated her.

If you remember, when George nominated Rula (along with Maggot and Traci) was supposed to be a punishment for discussing nominations. However, the 51-year-old obviously hadn't learnt his lesson.

An unbelievably thick-skinned George remained stony-faced as Preston revealed what had been said to Rula...

"If I'd have been in (the Diary Room) with somebody else, that would not have been the three that I would have nominated. He (Preston) would have been one of them... Chantelle might have been another... Traci, I would have nominated her in any circumstances... I could hardly nominate Dennis as well as Traci... I wouldn't nominate Michael... and, given that I think Pete is in a 'wanting to go mode' again, I might have nominated him."

No squirming, no embarrassment, no apologies... yep, he's a politician alright! In fact, afterwards George even went as far as to claim that he was happy with what he'd said, before challenging Preston. The total-and-utter git.

Preston continued to read-out the laminate, in-which Big Bro was basically saying that George hadn't grasped the fundamental Rules of the game. His peers would therefore get to choose whether he was allowed to nominate at the fourth nominations or not.

So, in an hilariously ironic twist, the housemates (sans old Georgey Boy, obviously) participated in a secret ballot to decide.

Individually visiting a Polling Booth erected in the living area, the housemates marked an X against their preferred answer to the question: 'Should George be allowed to nominate?'

As for who vetoed the MP's right to vote, you can pretty-much guess that the 'Nays' were Chantelle, Maggot, Preston and Traci, leaving Dennis, Michael and Pete in the minority.

Preston sarcastically said as he posted his ballot card, "A cheating politician, eh? Who would have thought it?" Indeed, George has been accused of perjury and misappropriating funds in his time, something Maggot alluded-to in a later conversation.

When the Fourth Nominations eventually got under way, George was not called to the Diary Room, confirming the result of the secret ballot.

Hmm, George Galloway may run the RESPECT party, but he doesn't have much respect left inside the house following the revelations about his blatantly manipulative behaviour.

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