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Pete 'Chers' A Tale With Michael

Following a discussion about sexuality between Pete and Michael today, the pair eventually got around to talking about gay icon Cher.

During their earlier chin-wag, Pete revealed that his current relationship is his first gay one; the flamboyant singer was married for 20 years.

So later, when chatting to Michael in the kitchen, he began talking about the period just after his heyday in the late 1980's, when he attended the premiere for Cher's 'Moonstruck' movie.

Needless to say, he upstaged the fellow wig-wearer, having worn see-through tights with his bum showing through and a big curly wig.

The tabloids apparently ran photos of Cher with the headline 'No. I'm NOT Pete Burns, I'm Cher,' and Pete recalled how magazines subsequently picked-up on this and asked their readers who looked best.

"They ran a competition: Who looks best? ... and I won!"

The pouting popster then told Michael that he and Cher knew of each other, but that didn't stop the Pop Princess snubbing him when he approached in her Selfridges a few years ago.

With Pete having gone up to her for a chat, the songstress got really uncomfortable and made her excuses before disappearing with her assistant. "She was on a counter and she left everything. She just fled," said Pete, describing her bizarre behaviour.

He then went on to say that Cher looked absolutely perfect, but not before stating, somewhat amusingly, that when he was a boy he thought she was a Native Red Indian man because of her big nose and hair!

Cher famously had a hit with 'If I Could Turn Back Time,' and we reckon Pete's probably wishing the same, judging by his own surgically-enhanced (we use the term lightly) boat race!

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