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People Just Wanna Be Like Pete

Pete has effectively claimed that a lot of people would like to experience what it's like to be him.

During one of his early morning chats with Michael, the 46-year-old popster became excited when Mike said something about members of the public taking celebrities' belongings.

The surgically-enhanced singer then began an anecdote about his own experience, starting-off by referencing a Madonna video in-which people pick-up her sunglasses to see the world as she does.

Pete told his sympathetic peer that he was in a nightclub once and had £2000 of cash on him, when someone suddenly realised that his bag containing the dosh had gone missing.

One of his pals quickly ran to the bathroom, where he found 'a bunch of Queens' going through all Pete's make-up and trying it on.

"They'd left the money and wanted the make-up. They think there's magic in my bag," said Pete, before suggesting that even in the BB house, people want to touch his clothes and would like to try them on, or even keep them.

"What is that, fascination with fame?" asked Michael, to-which Pete replied, "I don't know if it's fame, artificiality, or because you defy nature... they want some".

A slightly bemused Michael then suggested that people are possibly interested because they'd never be brave enough to be so unique themselves; they just want to get close to the lifestyle.

And in a nod to his earlier mention of the Madonna video, Pete replied, "They live through you for a minute".

So, BB fans, do you really feel the need to blow your lips up with a bicycle pump, wear lingerie on the outside of your clothes, paint your face 'Michael Jackson' white, pop some high heels on and then stick a dodgy syrup on your bonce?

Nah, we didn't think so!

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