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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, after 21 days in the Big Brother House, the number of contestants will be whittled down to six, when two of the nominees leave at the 4th and 5th Evictions.

Looking at the Polls, it appears that Dennis Rodman could possibly survive, although it's so close between him and Chantelle Houghton, that it's hard to say.

One thing's for sure: George Galloway will definitely be taking the walk of shame tonight, inevitably to a chorus of boos!

So, it's not even worth discussing old Georgey-Porgy 'cos he's history, but what are the reasons for keeping the other two, Chantelle and Dennis?

Well, Chantelle annoys as many fans as she pleases. Still the favourite to win, it's hard to believe that the previously unknown housemate will actually get the boot.

Sure, the initial novelty has worn off now and her constant hair-flicking, vanity and dizziness can grate on some fans, but equally as many people love her charming naivety and new-found feistiness.

Ultimately though, we're not sure that she has enough about her personality to win, and her 'romance' with Preston appears to be going nowhere fast. Indeed, some fans may even penalise her for showing an interest.

Dennis can undoubtedly be intimidating if he loses his rag, but that's partly down to his size and his deep, booming voice. We still think he's something of a gentle giant though, and his usually-cool demeanour makes him a rather intriguing character.

But will the fans let him off for his recent rant, and does the big fella add enough to the group to warrant keeping him over Chantelle? YOU decide!

If you'd like to discuss the possible outcome of tonight's eviction with other fans, or just want see what everyone else is saying about it, why not visit our Discussion Forum?

And if you fancy a flutter on who might Win the series, head over to the BlueSquare site and check-out the latest odds in the 'Special's section. A £15 bet on Maggot or Michael at this stage would return you £120 at the current odds of 7/1, if either were to win on Friday.

Plus, new account holders get a FREE £25 bet for signing-up (once you've placed your first bet), so you literally can't lose!

Who stays, who goes? As always, that's down to you, so make sure you register your vote and help raise some money for charity in the process.

And don't forget to tune-in to Channel 4 at 9pm tonight, Wednesday the 25th of January 2006, to watch the first of two live shows with Davina.

Please see the recent 'Voting Telephone Numbers' story in our Latest News section for the voting telephone and text numbers.

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