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Good News: Group Fails Banking Task

The group has learnt that they've failed the two-day Banking task, which was actually good news, seeing as that was the real aim!

Unbeknown to Bank Directors Chantelle and Preston, the other six housemates had contrived to sabotage the task, in accordance with Big Bro's instructions.

And they succeeded, having failed to bag enough coins correctly on day 1, and then bodged the building of the Bank's HQ today, by going at a snail's pace and deliberately placing building blocks incorrectly.

This afternoon, Big Bro wondered if the Bankers had been motivated during the task and 'Mr Benn' lookalike Preston nearly hit the nail on the head when he said, "It's funny... Chantelle said they were doing it on purpose to be rubbish. I mean, they had to be. How difficult can it be?"

But when it came time to hear the result of their efforts, the Directors were summoned to the secret Members Club, only to hear that although they'd made a profit in the investment part of the task, their workers has messed-up the other two sections.

The pair returned to the lounge looking somewhat forlorn and sheepishly imparted the bad news. The group, still playing along with Big Bro's twist, looked suitably disappointed.

However, Maggot was later called to the Diary Room and given the real result to read-out to the group – they had successfully failed two-out-of-three sections and had ultimately passed the task. Got it?!

As the truth came out, Chantelle cracked-up and said, "You bloody BANKERS! So it was you's lot all along?" while Preston just slapped the table, quietly amused at the news.

For their efforts, the group have won themselves a luxury shopping budget of £6 per head, per day.

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