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CBB4: Better Than The Soaps?

This series had been the darkest Celebrity Big Brother yet, possibly the darkest series ever, and we reckon the show has become a real-life mini Soap Opera!

Big Bro-Enders? Emmerdale House? Elstree Street, anyone?

Viewers have certainly witnessed lots of friction over the past two-and-a-bit weeks, including Michael having a pop at Jodie and the group seemingly ganging-up against her.

Michael also had a big barnie with Dennis, Pete launched a scathing attack on Traci, and Maggot threatened to lump George one after being nominated.

Of course, there's been plenty of bickering, bitching, bad-feeling and blubbing in-between, with Michael, Maggot, Rula, Traci, Jodie and Faria having all succumbed to the latter emotion.

And while 'Gorgeous George' happily stirs things up with his blatant two-faced behaviour, highly-strung Pete is adept at starting a row and then sitting back to watch it unfold.

Even Chantelle has become more feisty recently, and no-one can deny that Celebrity Big Brother 4 is gaining more and more momentum as the story unfolds.

In fact, we think Channel 4 should learn from this, and rather than extend BB7 from 11 to 12-weeks, cut it back to 8 weeks and have more frequent evictions.

This would help keep the momentum going, even if it is the opposite to proper soap operas, which just run and run.

Anyway, forget the big three soaps, just keep watching CBB4 for your fix of larger-than-life characters, over-the-top behaviour and a bit of fun thrown-in for good measure!

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