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Pete Decides To Stay

Big Brother has tested Pete's metal by asking him if he really wants to leave the house this morning.

Last night, in light of his coat being 'arrested' (as he put it), the rubber-lipped singer threatened to walk-out in protest. However, shortly before 11.30pm having had a couple of rants at the all-seeing entity, Pete was pushed for an answer.

Normally, when a housemate threatens to quit the show, Big Brother is keen for them to sleep on it. However, on this occasion the omnipresent force seemed to be calling Pete's bluff, by bluntly asking what his decision was.

"I'll decide in the morning," said Pete. But, seeing as his coat was in the hands of the Police and was definitely not going to be handed-back in a hurry, he should have just upped-and-left according to his multiple threats.

This morning, however, Big Brother once again asked the controversial 46-year-old if he'd made-up his mind, and Pete replied, "I don't want to... would Big Brother like me to leave?"

BB didn't answer the question directly, but you can bet that the show's production team are split over the answer.

After all, Pete has bought much controversy to the house, not least with his monkey-skin coat, but also with his recent scathing attack on Traci; the latter resulting in around 130 complaints to television watchdog 'Ofcom'.

However, the producers must also know that he is TV gold; an essential element to the show's success.

Still, having had a chat with his new confidante George, Pete has reconsidered his position... which probably had something to do with the fact that he'd forfeit some of his pay cheque if he quit.

So, it looks like we'll have to endure the foul-mouthed, callous and inappropriately-behaved popster for a little while longer!

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