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Big-up The Savile Massive!

Approaching midnight tonight, the older members of the group were sat chatting about the day's surprise visitor, Jimmy Savile.

"Dear Jim, can you fix it for me to get parole," joked Michael, mimicking his distinctive voice and doing the bracelet-jangling impression.

Preston, trying to save the barmy one-time boxer some embarrassment when he returns, hoped that Jim wasn't watching live on e4. Pete, however, gave no such consideration, matter-of-factly stating, "I thought he was dead".

You've got to love the surgically-enhanced singer's frankness and no-nonsense delivery, if nothing else!

George wondered why Jimmy always wears tracksuits and Pete recalled that it was because 'you can sleep in them, and you're dressed when you get up'. Hmm, practical, if not hygienic.

The politician then mentioned that Jimmy was keen to show that he had 'connections'. Indeed, we recall that he talked about his ability to look after himself in the fascinating Louis Theroux documentary, 'When Louis Met... Jimmy'.

"Three times he said someone would have to eat through a straw if they mess with him," said George, recounting the platinum-haired 79-year-old's slightly bizarre boasts.

But Pete, with another of his classic cutting comments, said of Jimmy's impending return to the house, "Lets try and get to the point tomorrow... 'Have we got it (our wish) or haven't we? Now F**K OFF!'"

There followed some discussion about when he was knighted, with Michael saying it was some time in the 80's. In fact, it was in 1990.

Mike then claimed that in the early days, Jimmy was ahead of his time and wore dapper suits rather than the sportswear he dons now.

"He's an honoury member of Goldie Looking Chain from tomorrow," said Maggot amusingly, and Jimmy certainly has the obligatory gold medallions.

The only thing is, as Rula pointed-out, his ostentatious jewellery isn't goldie-looking, it's very much real.

Res-peck, for the Savile!

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