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Pete's Coat: Seized By Police, Not Gorilla Fur

Further to our 'Gorilla In The Midst?' and 'Prison For Pete Burns?' articles, the singer's controversial coat has been taken away by Police for examination.

The offending item, which caused friction with Jodie while she was in the house, was taken away by Police following complaints from the public. They did not enter the Big Brother house, however, as the coat was handed-over by the show's producers.

Experts at The Natural History Museum in London subsequently inspected the coat and determined that it's made from the fur of black-and-white colobus monkeys, not gorillas.

Even so, some variants are considered to be 'under threat' and so the Hertfordshire Constabulary are referring the matter to the Crown Prosecution Service for possible prosecution.

About the coat, chief of the UN's 'Great Apes Survival Project' Ian Redmond said, "Regardless of legal issues, there's a moral issue too... because Pete Burns and Channel 4 could be said to have promoted the killing of wild animals for fashion".

A 'PETA' spokesperson has said that all animals suffer when they are killed for their fur, whether endangered or not, while Jim Cronin, owner of the renowned 'Monkey World' sanctuary in Dorset, has also expressed his concern.

"About 20-30 colobus monkeys would have died to make that coat," said the rescue centre boss.

Outrageous and defiant Pete Burns may be, but with legal and animal rights pressure mounting, he could well pay the price for flaunting such a highly-controversial item in his quest to be unique.

Monkey World
Great Apes Survival Project

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