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Jimmy Savile Arrives!

Goodness. Gracious. Me. The housemates received a big surprise today in the form of legendary broadcaster and marathon runner 'Sir James of Savile OBE', who turned-up as the housemates made lunch.

After the doorbell rang, Big Bro suddenly played the 'Jim'll Fix It' theme tune into the house, prompting Michael to continue his impressions (from last night) of the ageing TV personality, while Preston and Chantelle danced around in the pool area.

And when the catchy music stopped, all eyes fell on the gold-embossed door as the wacky-haired millionaire walked through it, bringing with him his own little collection of gold!

Faria shrieked and rushed to greet the tracksuit-clad legend, while Michael humorously said aloud, "Now then, now then... here he is, jangle, jangle!" Everybody cheered and whooped, making it something of a magic moment.

George was next to give Jimmy a hug and a kiss, before the group's surprise guest turned to big Dennis and said, "I want you know that I have a violent temper, but you have nothing to fear from me". The 6' 8" basketball star was probably relieved!

Having met a couple of the ladies, the 79-year-old charmer said, "I'd like to marry all of you for at least 24 hours!" before chatting-up Chantelle. Michael was last to welcome Sir Jimmy, by holding his hand and bowing to him majestically.

The former Radio 1 presenter, who is credited for inventing the concept of twin-deck DJ'ing (seriously), told the group, "I'm here to fix something for 'ya. We'll see what it is today and maybe fix something for you tomorrow?"

This was a nod to his classic TV show, 'Jim'll Fix It' where he granted the weird and wonderful wishes of hundreds of kids over a period of almost 20 years.

Jimmy's arrival is fantastically nostalgic for anyone over the age of about 25 and we can't wait to see what the cigar-toting knight does next, especially if he dishes out any of the infamous medallion-like 'Jim Fixed It For Me' badges!

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