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BB's Shock Punishment Chooses Third Nominees

The nominees facing the chop at the 3rd Eviction on Friday the 20th of January 2006 have now been decided, they are: Maggot, Rula and Traci.

Having talked yesterday about who they nominated in relation to the race row, George and Preston were summoned to the Diary Room shortly after midnight tonight to be punished.

As the naughty pair entered the room, the plasma screen in the living area suddenly came to life. Due to Davina's comments at the end of Faria's eviction, it was obvious to viewers that the lads were about to be stitched-up.

However, some of their peers thought that there was about to be another eviction, and Pete later said that he was horrified at the thought of losing them.

Smacking their wrists, Big Brother re-iterated that discussing nominations is forbidden, before reading-out what they'd said in a conversation at 11.09 yesterday.

"As punishment, you must now nominate three housemates who will definitely face the public vote," said the disembodied voice, the boys blissfully unaware that it was being broadcast to the group.

After George issued an apology, they both agreed that Traci would be their first nomination, mainly because, "She created a very bad incident which need never had arisen... she therefore put Dennis in a very difficult position".

Upon hearing this, Traci was shocked, especially as Preston added that she'd ostracised herself and then waffled-on about how she hadn't been joining-in with the group. "Traitor!" exclaimed the former Baywatch babe as she watched.

George once again led the train of thought for their second choice, saying, "For me it would be between Rula and Maggot". Maggot's face showed that he was clearly not happy.

Preston then piped-up that Maggot had tried to make Chantelle 'look like a w***er' earlier in the evening by testing her knowledge of capital cities. However, he was really just trying to pass the time and not maliciously attempting to make her look dim... even though she's admitted to being dizzy anyway.

So, Maggot became the second nominee, and Rula was number three because, according to George, "She's trying too hard... and said that she was now going out to win".

As the pair left the Diary Room, George suggested they just say that they've been punished, not reveal the details. However, although the group initially pretended that nothing was amiss, it didn't take long before Dennis challenged George and Preston.

Preston looked gutted when the penny dropped, while politician George took it in his stride, simply wearing an 'oh well' look on his podgy face.

Traci claimed that she was okay with it, but frankly, there was a huge amount of bad feeling within the group. Maggot challenged Preston over his comments about Chantelle, and an annoyed Rula refuted the suggestion that she'd said she wants to win.

Rula eventually accepted that they were obvious choices –- that the boys weren't going to pick Michael, Pete, Dennis or Chantelle –- and recalled that she was put in a similar position having won the Pants of Power.

A furious Maggot had a pop at George, saying, "Being in the position you are, I'm surprised that you broke the rules," before forcing Preston into 'back-peddle' mode by saying, "You've got to let Chantelle fight her own battles".

What a fantastic twist; talk about putting a cat amongst the pigeons? This was more like letting a blinkin' pride of lions loose!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Friday night. The telephone numbers are detailed in another story within our Latest News section.

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