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Faria: The Davina Interview

Davina began by noting the contrast in the reception from the studio audience versus the crowd, saying, "It was pretty heavy out there... were you expecting it?" Faria replied in the affirmative.

With the ex-housemate settled in, Davina then broached the subject of Faria's statement about how fans wouldn't let a black or Asian person win Big Brother, adding, "I think the great British public got upset about that".

Faria was quick to admit that she'd since reflected on the issue and now regretted what had been said. The former PA blamed a lack of food and general psychological pressure for her misjudged comment.

The host then showed a VT of the nominations, Faria taking a deep breath in readiness before the tape ran. "Any surprises?" asked Davina afterwards, but Faria, who'd showed little reaction whilst watching, just replied, "Not really, no".

The Bangladeshi-born consultant went on to say that she pretty-much knew about Michael and Maggot's votes, but also suspected George. "There was a shift in how they were with me," she added, before stating that being nominated had hurt her emotionally.

Things then moved-on to the subject of fame, specifically, what Faria is actually famous for (her fling with Sven). Davina showed a VT of the 39-year-old explaining to the group why she was famous, and asked how hard that early task was.

Showing some humility, Faria replied, "You're talking about people who are actually talented in there... I wasn't in there for a talent". However, she was totally unashamed about what she's famous for, which pleased Davina.

Davina then asked if she was happy with her celebrity status, but Faria claimed that she doesn't see herself as a celeb. When re-worded to ask if she was happy being famous, Faria light-heartedly claimed that she was more 'infamous' than famous.

When quizzed about her relationship with Dennis, Faria wouldn't readily admit to fancying the big man. However, she reluctantly admitted, "I... like him. He's a really nice guy".

Davina then asked if she intended to go out on a date with the former NBA star and Faria suggested that she might, although claimed that Dennis doesn't really fancy her.

About the fact that Faria had nominated Dennis, Davina said, "You don't nominate the bloke you fancy!" This raised a suggestive cheer from the audience.

When Davina asked what she'd learnt about herself during her two-week stay, Faria replied, "I've learnt that I have some anger in me, that I need to perhaps deal with... I will address those things". "You've 'gotta let it go," said Davina, playing amateur shrink.

Faria then said that the experience wasn't what she expected, and claimed that Big Brother (the entity) plays games with the mind. Revealing what she'd enjoyed most about her stay, Faria said, "The laughing and the singing".

Finally, after joking that Sven's girl Nancy had probably voted her out, Davina asked Faria who she wanted to win. Akin with Jodie's comments at the end of her eviction interview, the answer was Chantelle.

To end the interview, the traditional 'best bits' VT was shown and featured all aspects of Faria's stay including her 'pi**ing in the tea' comment, the spinach-eating task, some upset, a bit of partying and plenty of flirting with Dennis!

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