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Housemates Have 'Art Attack During Latest Task

The housemates went all 'arty' today for Big Bro's latest task: for everyone had to paint a portrait of themselves and then explain it to the group.

Having each been supplied with an artist's easel, paints and a canvas, the housemates were asked to paint a piccy representing how they are, both inside and out. Ooh, how deep!

So, after an hour of attacking their canvas' with colour, the dubious works of art were complete, leaving the would-be Picasso's to talk us through their creations:

George's fire-breathing portrait was him in Hyde Park, complete with white face because it's cold. "My eyes are red because they're blazing with anger and passion. My mouth is open wide because I do a lot of talking. My back is straight and broad because I think I'm a straightforward person," said the politician.

Rula's red-headed portrait was a depiction of her surrounded by nature. "I'm a lover of nature, hence the sky and the flowers on the roots. I'm always looking for sunshine in things. I have a big heart that has been broken many times, but there is always a song in it," said the actress.

Chantelle's rosy-cheeked portrait was nice and bright, unlike... (don't go there! - Ed). The dizzy blonde explained, "This is me... and the reason this is me is because I'm bright, as in colourful bright. It's makeup 'cos I like make-up and earrings 'cos I love earrings." Hmm, quite.

Preston's predominantly blue portrait was more like an abstract album cover than a piccy of himself. "I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with this! It's a bit mysterious... a bit moody," said the singer.

Faria's effort was even more abstract: just a face depicted on a colourful background, with no neck or body. "This is a reflection of me at a stage of my life... my face is in the background because I like to see all that's around me," said the former PA, mysteriously.

About her smiley, heart-shaped portrait, Traci said, "The colouring is sort of faded on the picture, muted... there's a lot going on... I got confused... it may look a little bit cross-eyed, weird and fuzzy, but there's a heart there because I'm full of heart".

Michael depicted himself with big, wide eyes. "The eyes are the soul of the world, that's why I've made them very dominant. The sole of my shoe is the nose, because my soul is on show. There's also a tear to let anybody know who doesn't that I have a very open soul... I have learnt from being in here that it's okay to cry," said the troubled entertainer.

Dennis painted something that was, by his own admission, like something a 4-year-old would do! "I got something different going on here. On one side I have a lot of anger lashing-out, the other side is more about passion, tenderness and caring. There's always two sides to the story. One thing about it, I'm always about love," said the big guy.

Maggot went for a more literal depiction of his character, describing his effort thus: "It's face on, 'cos I like to confront things. I have drawn myself with a long neck because sometimes I like to stick my neck out. The background blue is my favourite colour; the shade is very calm, which I am sometimes. The green in the background is where I come from in Wales... the black represents past years where I've had several dark times".

And finally, Pete predictably made a statement when describing his rather accurate portrait, saying, "I think ultimately art needs no explanation. Anybody with a modicum of intelligence gets it. Seeing people trying to explain themselves and wriggling on a skewer is painful. This is my face in your face for all the world to see".

For participating in the task, the group won themselves alcohol, cigars and cigarettes, which are always in demand at the Big Brother College Of Art!

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