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Michael Challenges Dennis Over Race Row

Yesterday's argument regarding race issues was revisited today, and Michael was determined to cause a big fuss over it.

Approaching 1pm, Dennis was chatting to Michael and said that if everyone had been a bit more savvy, they could have avoided the conversation.

The big guy's suggestion was that the show's producers contrive to cause friction within the group. However, although true to an extent, it was somewhat irrelevant, as no-one else was responsible for what Faria said.

"That whole situation yesterday wasn't about race," said Dennis, prompting Michael to snap, "What was it about then?" Dennis then waffled-on, but Michael accused him of stirring things by talking about how much his fee was for appearing on Celebrity Big Brother 4.

A moody-looking Michael got more and more snappy, accusing Dennis of 'talking cr*p', but the former NBA star just said, "Don't take it personally, we('re) just having a conversation".

Preston then came over to intervene and said that it's a 'non issue'. However Michael, seemingly itching for some confrontation, accused Dennis of having an aggressive tone, despite the fact that he remained totally cool.

Er, Michael, have you got special ears that only hear what they want to hear or something?

Again, he attacked Dennis by returning to the race issue, a topic that was done-and-dusted the previous day when Faria broke down at the table and apologised.

Rula and George, hovering in the background, eventually had their say; the former asking Dennis why he hadn't given his side of the argument yesterday. "Because it wasn't my argument," replied the 44-year-old.

George then stuck-up for Dennis, while Michael had a pop at Rula for getting involved... like he's the only one who can challenge people?

A little later, Michael told George that Dennis goaded him and was deliberately trying to wind him up, which was rather wide of the mark.

Frankly, this is exactly the kind of behaviour that will likely put the kibosh on any notion of a career relaunch for Michael.

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