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'Box' Task Returns

The housemates awoke to the sound of catchy 80's pop tune 'Living In A Box' this morning, signifying the return of the box task from Big Brother 6.

If you recall, during BB6 last summer the housemates were asked to live under a large cardboard box for as long as possible.

Amusingly, certain housemates actually embraced the opportunity to get away from their peers, but in the end, the task was jointly won by Anthony, Roberto and Derek.

The trio had made a pact to simultaneously quit after an incredible 27 hours of tramp-like living!

Just before the task got going at around 10.30am, George read-out the instructions and told the group, "The last housemate to get out of their box will win a very special, powerful prize". Oooh, interesting!

Having been provided with a survival kit by Big Bro – a water flask, Kendal Mint Cake, compass, torch, disposable camera and a flag – the housemates would be allowed a 15-minute toilet break every four hours.

Predictably, Pete was one of the first to exit his box, quitting shortly after Preston, who'd indicated before the task started that he probably wouldn't last very long. Both housemates lasted under 15 minutes.

As the others bided their time, George devised a cunning plan, which was that everyone should agree to quit, leaving one designated person to win. "If we thought as a group, instead of individually, we could beat the machine," suggested the rebel MP.

However, the celebs couldn't agree on a winner and politician George hinted that he would stick it out the longest, which didn't help. Finally, however, Faria threw-off her box, followed by Chantelle and Maggot.

Traci and Dennis were next to quit, followed by Michael and George, leaving Rula as the Winner of the task.

However, there were to be no 24-hour stints of confinement for this disorganised rabble, as the task was all over in just 1 hour!

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