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Race Row Breaks Out

Things got heated in the Big Brother house today, with a discussion about race.

Sat in the lounge this morning, Faria asked Dennis and Traci rhetorically, "Do you think they'll ever let a black or Asian girl or guy win this thing?

"Are you out of your tree? Think about it, darling. Never!" concluded the former PA, answering her own question.

Traci later took the issue up with Maggot, but in the end almost everyone was involved. The group listened as the former Baywatch babe moaned, "I thought I did have a chance to win... but according to Faria and Dennis, because I'm female and I'm American and my skin is brown, I don't stand a chance".

The debate got more and more heated over lunch, with Dennis back-tracking on a comment he made about not winning because of his colour. Instead, he suggested that what he actually meant was that he wouldn't win because of his 'colourful lifestyle'.

Traci had already taken offence when Michael flippantly (but not maliciously) referred to 'the Americans' during the Box task. She subsequently got stressed-out when told by Maggot that the British public probably wouldn't let a non-Brit win.

Whilst there may be an element of truth to that (depending on who the contestant is), we're pretty sure that whoever wins Big Brother in the UK, it has nothing to do with colour.

After all, think back to Big Brother 6 last year when Makosi Musambasi, a black contestant originating from Zimbabwe, was the favourite to win for weeks.

She was responsible for her own downfall, however, having lost public support after claiming to have become pregnant by eventual Winner, Anthony Hutton.

Still, the former nurse came third overall, beating thirteen other contestants and lasting until the final day of the series.

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