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Second Nominees Announced

The nominees facing the 'boot at the second eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 4 have now been announced. They are:

Dennis, Faria, and Pete.

So, three people are up for eviction this time around, and Big Bro's 'pants' twist was responsible for putting one of them up.

Dennis and Faria had received the most nominations in the second round – three each – and were therefore certain to face the next eviction. However, Box task winner Rula was the given the opportunity to select an additional, automatic nominee, and she chose Pete.

At the second nominations here’s who everyone voted-for, with the number of votes they received in brackets:

Chantelle (2) - Dennis and Michael
Dennis (3) - Chantelle and Rula
Faria (3) - Pete and Dennis
George (2) - Traci and Faria
Maggot (0) - Faria and Pete
Michael (2)- Faria and George
Pete (3) - Rula and Chantelle
Preston (0) - Traci and Dennis
Rula (2) - Pete (see text above)
Traci (2) - George and Michael

So, you can see from the above that even if Rula hadn't been given BB's power of the pants, Pete would have been up anyway this week, having received the same number of votes as the other two nominees.

Indeed, had it been a normal nomination procedure and Rula chosen either Chantelle, George, Michael or Traci aswell, there would have been four nominees this week.

Preston and Maggot were the only two housemates to avoid nominations, the latter having received none whatsoever during the game; the only person to do so.

About the nominees, it's easy to see why people might vote for Dennis to go, as he arguably adds little to the house. He hasn't proven to be as controversial as expected and his continual talk about sex might annoy some viewers.

That said, he's a sound enough guy... it just comes to something when the infamous and controversial Dennis Rodman is flying under the radar in a reality TV show!

Faria came to the house with baggage, in that she was already a tabloid hate figure. She has briefly talked about her affair with Sven but ultimately, although she's doubtless a nice girl, she's come across as a bit too dull (read: normal?)

Saying that, things are just starting to hot up between her and Dennis; a good reason to keep the pair in for a bit longer?

Finally, on to third nominee Pete. He's not easy on the eye but he says exactly what he feels... so why would you want to get rid of him?

We appreciate that he doesn't come across as being particularly easy to get along with, and his level of vanity is verging on the ridiculous. However, for the purposes of livening-up the show, he's essential.

However, in our most recent 'Who Do You Want Evicted Next?' Poll, Pete was way ahead of the other two nominees so he's favourite to go at this stage, although that could change by tomorrow.

But which one gets the chop on Wednesday night (18th of January 2006), is down to you. If you'd like to discuss the merits or keeping or ditching a particular housemate with other fans, why not visit our Discussion Forum?

Who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Wednesday night. The telephone numbers are detailed in another story within our Latest News section.

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