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Preston Paranoid About Fake Snog

Birthday Boy Preston was left paranoid this morning after being told that he smooched with Chantelle last night.

The drunken singer certainly got physically very close to his new 'pal' and at one point told the dizzy blonde that she embodied all of the qualities he likes in the people he loves.

"You're the type of person that I love," re-iterated the second-youngest housemate, who turns 24 today. Lots of flirty behaviour ensued, prompting Traci to burst into a rendition of 'Puppy Love' to mock their friendship.

Preston even referred jokingly to Chantelle as being 'like a disposable camera', but rather than offending the would-be pop star, it just encouraged her flirty, doting behaviour.

However, this morning, Dennis exaggerated the goings-on to wind Preston up, and the lad's not entirely sure what happened himself. Does this remind anyone of a certain night during BB6? Swimming pool... Anthony... Makosi... fake pregnancy. Enough said!

Actually, the increasingly close celebrity pair were nowhere near that drunk, but it didn't stop George backing-up Dennis' fib, prompting a concerned Preston to approach Chantelle in the bedroom.

"I think we were smooching a bit yesterday," he told her sheepishly, but the 22-year-old she insisted that they hadn't done anything at all. At that point, Traci confirmed that they were just hugging, before adding, "You guys are cute together".

But that didn't stop Preston from claiming that he remembered the made-up snog when talking to George later in the day, saying, "I can't remember why I did it". However, he also told Rula that he thought Chantelle was 'adorable'.

Erm, go figure!

On that note, many female viewers reckon the 'Ordinary Boys' lead singer is anything but; but there's one particular viewer who takes a special interest in his friendship with Chantelle, and that's his girlfriend.

Watch out Preston... hell hath no fury etc!

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