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Jodie: The Davina Interview

As the first post-eviction interview got going, Jodie was keen to point-out that she was happy to have been kicked-out.

Davina then re-iterated that the main reason Jodie took part in Celebrity Big Brother 4 was to change the public's perception of her, before asking if she'd succeeded?

"No, not at all," replied the model, claiming that she got so much stick during her 9-day stay, that she was either miserable or defending herself.

"I don't think the true me has been shown," said Jodie, further claiming that she usually gets on with anyone.

A VT was then shown representing the contradiction of how Jodie behaves versus the way she is perceived, including examples of her lewd behaviour and bitching.

In response, Jodie said that there's nothing wrong with a woman saying she enjoys sex, but it doesn't mean she's promiscuous.

Then, in something of a one-woman 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' routine, the 38-year-old host informed Jodie that she got an IQ score of 136 during the science task, which is way above the national average of 112. The audience applauded.

But, after the apparent sympathy of saying that, Davina got critical by stating that the other housemates had tried to give Jodie advice but she hadn't picked-up on it.

However, in response, the evictee stated that her peers had told her to leave the country, which was not good advice in her opinion. "The only thing that keeps me going every day, my friends and my family, I'm not 'gonna leave that," she added.

Davina then queried whether she hates the fame that comes with her job, but Jodie said, "No, not the fame, the abuse". However, this upset her and Jodie struggled to hold herself together as she wiped away the tears.

As Davina carried-on without offering a hug – probably for the best to be honest – it was noted that Jodie sometimes doesn't listen to advice and shuns it immediately.

Jodie's defence was to state that she was shouted-at so much in the house, that she just switched off. The model re-iterated that she has no intention of leaving the country, although that was the advice she was repeatedly given.

After accepting that she did have a few nice chats with certain people, Jodie said of the group, "There are a few people in there I definitely want to see again". She did not say who.

When Davina asked if Jodie had learnt anything about herself, she replied quickly, "That I don't get on with people that pretend they're not transvestites when they really are (Pete)," soliciting a laugh from the audience.

She then added, "...Or people that tell me I need to see a psychiatrist when they do," obviously meaning Michael Barrymore.

Davina then showed a VT of Jodie's peers criticising her, basically making it clear that all but Chantelle and Preston had nominated her. In response, Jodie made a good point, which was that her peers only ever wanted to discuss negative points.

Giving her opinion of her fellow housemates, Jodie simply said of George, "Whatever," but she had rather more to say about Pete. "THE most hideous thing I've ever met... just hideous," was her opinion of the bulbous-lipped singer.

It was then suggested that some fans like Pete because he's disarmingly honest, and Davina asked what it's like to be on the receiving end? "I defy anyone to be in there with him for 3 weeks and not want to kill themselves or him!" laughed Jodie.

On Faria, Jodie said that she wasn't sure about her at first, but grew to like her. "She's a top bird, Faria."

About Dennis, she said, "Dennis said he's had every woman he's ever wanted, but he's not 'gonna have me".

The glamour girl thought Preston was 'lovely and cute', and about best pal Chantelle, she simply said, "I will be seeing her very, very soon".

As the interview drew to a close, Davina posed the rather tongue-in-cheek question, "Knowing what you know now... would you do it again?" but Jodie's answer was a predictable: "Never, not in a million years".

Finally, Davina asked if Jodie had enjoyed any of her time in the house, but the answer was a stern 'no', apart from the fact that she'd met Chantelle.

Jodie then begged the public to vote for Chantelle to win, before her best bits VT was shown, which seemed to contain more negative footage than fun footage... arguably a good representation of her time in the house?

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