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Jodie Leaves The House

The first evictee of the series was announced tonight, and the news of Jodie's imminent departure was met with indifference by her peers.

When Davina revealed that Jodie would be the one to go, surprisingly the oft-tearful model managed to remain composed. There followed slight confusion, as Pete wondered if he was being asked to leave too, although we're not sure why?

Jodie just smiled and then turned to Preston and Chantelle for a hug.

As she made her way to the door, some of the group wished her Good Luck, however Jodie simply made a two-handed 'wave' gestured towards them.

This could be interpreted as a goodbye, but it looked equally like an effort to shun the other eight. And rightly-so, probably, given that all of them nominated her, something she wouldn't have known at the time though.

So, no-one else gave a hug, handshake or kiss, and as the seconds counted-down, there was just enough time for a final embrace with her only real friends in the house, Chantelle and Preston.

As the 27-year-old exited the door, she turned, said a quick goodbye and was soon on her way to meet Davina.

With Jodie having made her way swiftly down the stairs and onto the platform, Davina whispered her usual, "It's all panto," reassurance into the evictee's ear, as more of the crowd booed than cheered.

However, it seems that for the TV broadcast, the sound engineers did Jodie a favour by mixing-in a lot of crowd cheering noise – inexplicably, virtually NO boos could be heard as she briefly posed for the press and made her way along the walk of shame.

Just one interview to go, and Jodie's Big Brother experience would be over.

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