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1st Evictee: It's Jodie!

The British public has been busy voting for a few days now, but tonight, Jodie Marsh became the first contestant to be kicked-out of the house during Celebrity Big Brother 4.

According to the Polls it looked likely to be a close call; in the end our own Poll had Jodie at 40% and George at 39%. The glamour girl actually received almost 42% in the public vote that evicted her, so our Poll was pretty accurate.

To be frank, Jodie never really fitted-in during her time in the house, and began talking about her woes rather too much from the minute she arrived. Her oft-crude comments also didn't go down too well.

Jodie's intention was to try and change the public's perception of her, but frankly she has probably failed in her mission, having come across as weak, unstable, self-centred and troubled.

She wanted people to see that she is kind, fun-loving and not a slapper, but her job by its very nature will always bring accusations of the latter.

Not that we think it's justified, but perhaps the 27-year-old needs to develop thicker skin, or as Michael suggested, get out of the business for her own sake?

As famous motivational yank Anthony Robbins says, "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got".

Okay, it's not strictly relevant, but we think it's a great message for all the people out there who are unhappy in their job/ life, but the only thing they do about it is moan.

Make changes people! Give up, get fit, learn something, take a new hobby or join the group you've always wanted to (it's easy for us to say, we know).

Fellow nominees, politician George Galloway and singer Pete Burns, remain in the game, leaving ten contestants to battle it out over the next two weeks.

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