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Experiment: Michael Gets Egg On His Face

During the second day of experiments for Big Bro's 'Science' task, lab technician George has established that Michael Barrymore is technically 'lucky'. However, in finding this out, the latter ended-up with egg on his face... literally!

For the first part of the experiment, the former Strike It Lucky host was required to randomly select eggs from a tray and smash them against his forehead. Some were hard boiled and some weren't.

Michael wore a worried look, but George couldn't contain his amusement when the first uncooked egg was picked, the messy contents splattering all over Mike's fizzog.

"The yolk's on you Michael!" punned the MP as he chuckled away to himself. However, his dour-looking guinea pig found the experience rather less amusing, not even raising a smile.

The 53-year-old entertainer was then required to stand with a brolley up indoors. According to superstition this is supposed to be unlucky, however nothing bad happened.

Before repeating the egg-breaking experiment once more, Michael was asked to smash a large mirror with a hammer. Bits went everywhere, but he wasn't harmed.

With only two-out-of-the-five eggs breaking on both occasions, Michael was deemed to be lucky, but upon exiting the lab he had to endure joshing from Chantelle, who repeatedly shrieked, "He's got egg on his head!"

"The amazing thing is, for lunch (today) I had a load of eggs," was all Michael could offer before toddling-off to clean himself up.

So, Michael wasn't very impressed with this particular experiment, but he'll be 'all-white' (get it? ...his catch phrase 'alwight'... all white... eggs... oh, never mind!)

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