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Now Then, Now Then: Sir Jimmy Savile Coming In

The roof of the house has been covered with bunting overnight and speculation was rife this morning over what might be afoot.

Sharp-eyed George spotted the abundance of coloured pennants as he strolled around the garden, and was quick to alert his peers.

At first, they wondered if it might be something to do with a task, but Maggot poo-pooed the idea by saying that the roof wouldn't take their weight.

Besides, that could be quite dangerous as Gorgeous George pointed-out: "We couldn't go up on a thin roof... because of multi-million pound lawsuits".

Faria then came out for a nosey, suggesting that the bunting might be something to do with a task, or perhaps it'd been put there to welcome a new housemate?

Actually, there's been plenty of speculation inside and outside of the house lately that a new arrival will be, er, arriving sometime soon.

To be frank, it's always been a safe bet that a twelfth housemate would join the group, but that's only likely to happen once the first person has been booted-out.

Fans have been speculating that the sound of jangling jewellery will invade the house when legendary cigar-toting broadcaster Jimmy Savile arrives as a newbie shortly.

Certainly the eccentric knight has been asked to appear on the show before, but couldn't commit to the full 3-week stint; he is nearly 80 after all.

However, he'll be popping-in for a cuppa at the weekend and taking the opportunity to annoy the group, inevitably saying in his thick Yorkshire accent, 'Goodness gracious me... how's about that then, guys and gals... uh-eh-uh-eh-urghh!"

The housemates predicted this morning that a new housemate, if they were to arrive, could be dramatically winched-in by helicopter. Of course, they were just joking.

However, we reckon it would be pretty cool if old Jimbo was strapped to his famous red chair, fitted with a parachute and pushed-out the side door of a chinook, freefalling into the BB garden to rendezvous with the housemates.

Now THAT would be an entrance! By the way, if that actually happens this weekend, please remember: you read it here first!

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