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Getting To Know You

The contestant group was soon complete and like us, the newbie housemates were probably thinking to themselves, "Who the hell are these people?"

So, the celebrity eleven toasted Big Brother and then Gorgeous George (his nickname, not our opinion of his looks!) went first in an impromptu stand-up-and-tell-us-about-yourself session.

The 51-year-old Scot told the group that he was an MP – not the best conversation opener – and Michael jokingly claimed that he was a gynaecologist, something Traci still believed two hours later!

Dennis revealed that he was a basketball player, although frankly his 6' 8" frame and sportswear might have already given the game away.

Faria's introduction fell a bit flat when she said, "I'm not doing anything at the moment except TV," but when Preston said that he was in a band, Maggot followed suit and confused the group in the process.

Revealing that he was in 'Goldie Looking Chain' like it was the legendary Rolling Stones or something, his announcement was met with the response: "What?"

Jodie claimed to do 'modelling and TV work' and Pete said he was a singer, although neglected to mention that his heyday was 20 years ago.

Traci said that she was a into acting and modelling, and fake-celebrity housemate Chantelle stuck to her secret mission by falsely claiming that she sings in a band called Kandy Floss. Sorted.

Last up was Rula, who revealed that she was an actress, however George quickly returned to the issue of music, saying, "We're not short of singers".

Ahem, moving on....

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