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Bust-up: The Group Challenge Jodie

Chantelle became piggy in the middle in a group bust-up centred around Jodie's possessive and manipulative behaviour tonight.

It all started when Michael and Chantelle were discussing how to encourage Preston with his choccy-eating experiment. The pair had a disagreement and the dizzy promo girl was soon whipped-off to the Diary Room by Jodie.

However, when the two pals came out, almost the entire group challenged Jodie over her recent behaviour.

Earlier in the day, George had told Faria and Rula that Jodie was trying to influence the naive Chantelle too much, and thought it would corrupt her if it continued.

So, after a group discussion tonight, he decided to confront the glamour model over the issue as she exited the Diary Room.

"The facts are that you have turned that girl... for your own purpose," accused George, but Jodie defended her right to form friendships in the House.

Many members of the group had a pop, including Traci and Dennis, the latter claiming to like her despite his verbal attack. In fact, Preston was the only one who didn't really get involved.

An increasingly emotional Michael soon disappeared into the garden for a blub, apparently upset over the fact that he wanted to try and protect Chantelle.

In the end, 'Jodie No Mates' sloped-off to bed for an early night, leaving her close pal Chantelle to mix with the group and console Michael.

But that was only after the 27-year-old told her best mate that everyone hates her, declaring that she was 'afraid of being attacked' again."Tonight I've been called a wicked, scheming, evil, manipulative b*tch," she said.

Separating herself from the group certainly isn't going to help her case, and we can't help wondering if this is the beginning of the end for nominee Jodie?

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