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Scientific Task Gets Under Way

Just a few days ago, the group retained the full shopping budget by passing the 'Show and Tell' singing task. Today, however, Big Brother has set them more of a challenge.

Over the next two days, the house will be go all scientific, with the brainiest housemate carrying-out various experiments on behalf of boss Big Bro.

Not-so-gorgeous-George was voted the 'cleverest' housemate by his peers, although the 'most deluded and obnoxious' might have been closer to the mark.

It appears that he bagged that particular accolade by default, probably just because he's an MP and is deemed to be intelligent. You never know, it may have been Jodie?

There's a certain irony in the fact that politician George, the appointed lab technician, will have to carry-out tests on guinea pigs. The good news is that he won't be testing anything on animals...

...he'll be experimenting on his fellow housemates instead! He he.

With George donning a technicians' white coat, the rest of the group were given red smocks to wear making them look like they've come from a sanatorium. Not exactly a good look for Pete, who duly set about altering his outfit.

"Can we accessorise?" he asked, before adding, "That's the only thing that separates us from animals, our ability to accessorise... I've never seen a pig choose nice earrings". NO comments about Jade Goody's jewellery, you cruel bunch!

About the plimsolls supplied as part of his medical garb, Pete said that he couldn't wear them as he's worn high heels for the past 18 years.

When quizzed about the medical condition that prevented him from wearing flat shoes, Pete duly informed Big Brother that he suffered from re-aligned vertebrae and high arches.

"I know it sounds camp, but I'm full of camp facts," added the flamboyant frontman.

The experiments that old Georgey-boy will carry-out in his special lab, include:

Does spinach make you stronger?
Does classical music make you brainy?
Can eating a box of liqueurs send you over the drink drive limit?
Can you learn Japanese in your sleep?
Does talking to plants make them grow quickly?
Can you make yourself unlucky?
Can humans communicate with animals?

Obviously, with everyone involved there's lots of scope for this task to go drastically wrong, although with newly-appointed brainiac George in charge, hopefully they'll do okay.

If the group passes, they'll be rewarded with a shopping budget of £4 per person per day; if they fail, it'll be reduced to just one pound per person per day.

Check back soon to see how they got on.

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