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Prison For Pete Burns?

He may have volunteered to be locked-up in the Big Brother house, but cocky Pete Burns may soon be locked-up at Her Majesty's pleasure!

Around midday today, Pete was chatting to Dennis about that fact that he's facing possible eviction this week, but couldn't help mentioning a certain housemate during the conversation...

About the support he hopes to receive from the public, the one-time popster talked about 'the freaks and people who believe in freedom'.

But the wig-wearing 46-year-old had forgotten, or simply isn't aware, that fans don't vote for who they like the most, but who they like the least. So, as long as they dislike George or Jodie more, he'll be okay.

Talking about the latter, Pete had one of his now-customary digs at Jodie, suggesting that she's a hypocrite for her views on animal welfare and what she will and won't eat.

He then said, "I wish I'd brought my boots, other coats and bed throw in," just to make a point. However, the one coat that he does have with him is proving controversial enough.

For the real 'Big Brother' might be gunning for Pete when he gets out: i.e. the Government.

Jim Knight, Minister at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), said of Pete's coat, "Gorilla skins belong on gorillas, not on Reality TV show contestants. Gorillas are critically endangered, and any promotion of gorilla products in this country can only put these amazing creatures in further peril".

Furthermore, he warned of possible serious consequences if the offending item is, in fact, made from gorilla skin. Meanwhile, a fashion expert on Big Brother's Big Breakfast recently speculated that it probably is genuine.

Pete apparently fell-out with fellow 80's singer Morrissey because of his penchant for real fur, but now the flamboyant housemate could be falling-out with freedom and going straight to jail.

Oh my god, just think of the fashion nightmare he'd have trying to accessorise a prison boiler suit!

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