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Housemates' Reaction To The Nominations

During a regular series of BB, the nominees are usually announced late in the afternoon; this time around, however, Big Bro gathered the group together early in the morning to divulge the bad news.

This was almost certainly due to the move of Dermot O'Leary's 'BBLB'-based show to 8am, which in itself is a blatant bid to promote his new breakfast TV show (which follows it).

As the names were read-out in the traditional alphabetical order, the housemates sat in silence –- partly because they were still half asleep –- with the nominees showing little reaction at first.

George remained expressionless, Pete smirked and sarcastically said, "Devastated!" and Jodie shrugged. However, you just knew that the latter wouldn't be able to take it on the chin and move on...

As Dennis broke the ice by exclaiming, "This is where it starts, people," Faria offered the more humble, "I don't know what to say". The group then began to disperse, but Jodie, perhaps predictably, started to get upset.

The 27-year-old glamour girl has cried every day so far and today was no exception as she moaned, "The one thing I didn’t want, was to be first out, or even first nominated. It’s hideous”.

Rula was on-hand to console the distraught youngster, but Jodie had already decided that no-one liked her according to conversations later in the day.

Unfortunately for her, that's pretty-much right, as everyone but Chantelle and Preston nominated the troubled model.

It's 'gonna be a tough few days for one unstable housemate, that's for sure.

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