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Shopping List Sparks Friction

Day 4 has seen the most friction to date, as a debate-cum-slanging match ensued when the group gathered together to draw up a shopping list.

Pete started by having a pop at Jodie when she boasted about the revenge she'd written about in her book. So, she quickly retaliated, criticising his wearing of a fur coat.

The pair proceeded to bicker like kids, with Jodie accusing Pete of enjoying the opportunity to upset her –- not far from the truth from what we can tell.

Pete suggested that his alleged gorilla-fur coat was an antique and had probably been around for 50 years, but Jodie insisted, "The problem is that an animal was killed for you to parade around in".

Their heated exchange continued, with Jodie eventually claiming that the killing of all animals is murder. This prompted George to get involved, saying, "So we're all murderers if we eat meat, chicken etc?"

In response, an increasingly flustered Jodie stated that when she goes into a butchers shop, all she sees is dead bodies. But flippant Pete just came back with, "Why are you even going into a butchers?"

With the argumentative singer having effectively accused Jodie of not being able to handle it when people disagree with her, Rula interrupted in a bid to complete the shopping list.

However, that just gave Pete another opportunity to wind Jodie up with his comment, "Get the bananas. The gorilla (coat) can eat the bananas!"

Traci then asked if it would make any difference if an animal had died of natural causes, but the subject quickly moved on to rats, with George challenging Jodie's view that we shouldn't kill them.

The rebel MP then went off on one about how Jodie hadn't mentioned low-paid sweat shops, but when Jodie tried to diss fox hunting, George stated that he was actually anti-hunting because it's done for fun, not survival.

Rula then got involved by talking about the testing of cosmetics on animals, but George said that he would rather make-up be tested on animals than risk it harming his daughter; a controversial point.

Next to 'put their five eggs in' was Dennis, who after having listened to Jodie waffle-on about all the charities she supports and what she does with her money, said, "Just give it ALL to charity".

Michael, who'd remained quiet throughout the debate, eventually got involved by saying, "We've got enough problems in the world... there's people starving, (so) let's try and sort the human race out and get on with each other".

But even those sensible words didn't look like ending the debate, so Big Brother announced that the group was rapidly running out of time to complete their shopping list.

And the final score for this rather one-sided slanging match? Jodie: 0, Virtually Everyone Else: 1.

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