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Michael Plays Shrink To Jodie

Michael took on the role of counsellor tonight, but Jodie wasn't ready to hear what her stand-in shrink had to say.

As the pair sat chatting in the lounge into the early hours of Day 4, the banter was initially quite tame, but Michael subtly (and deliberately) steered the subject around to Jodie's problems and how she constantly mentions them.

The oft-tearful glamour girl revealed that an expert on a TV show once said she uses her energy in the wrong way, prompting Michael to pose lots of psycho-analytical questions.

These included: Why does she live her life through others and why does she attach feelings to specific people? –- clear references to her regular comments about rival model Jordan.

However, when quizzed about what she'd do with her energy if she wasn't obsessing about herself, she took offence and replied,"That made me feel that you think I only talk about myself". Erm, correct!

The unstable Essex girl suggested that Michael hasn't been around her long enough to make such comments, further stating that she's quite guarded and keeps herself to herself.

Um, that's not what we've seen since she entered the house on Thursday night. In fact, her accusation that the entertainer was 'not observing her correctly' was also wide of the mark, given that all the housemates have noticed her whimpering and blubbing.

Then Michael, who has famously visited a shrink himself, suggested that Jodie could leave the country to get away from the press vilification, but this just annoyed his tricky patient.

"I don't want to run away and leave the things that I love; friends and family," she snapped.

After more defensive chat from a Jodie in denial, Michael just came out and said, "Have you heard yourself?" In response, Jodie claimed to be a very, very happy person outside the house.

But there was no let-up to Michael's unorthodox style of counselling when he suggested that Jodie puts too much energy into hating, before accusing her of verbally bullying other girls (namely: Jordan). Jodie was speechless.

For us though, the session's defining question from Michael was one that we've been asking ourselves: "Why don't you take yourself out of the business?"

Jodie talked fondly about running a bar on a beach abroad one day, which sounded really great. However, she re-iterated that she wasn't ready to give up her career.

Oh well, there's no helping some people.

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