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Singing Task Passed: Chantelle Scrapes Through

Chantelle has performed her non-existent band's fake hit 'I Want It Right Now' to the group, provoking a mixed response from her celebrity audience.

The other singers duly performed their hits with Preston choosing to sing 'Boys Will Be Boys', Maggot going with 'Gun's Don't Kill People (Rappers Do)' and Pete giving a brilliant rendition of 'You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)'

However, Chantelle, who'd already put in-place some damage limitation by claiming that she had a sore throat, was rather less successful: reading from a sheet, she missed her cues, fluffed lyrics and was barely audible above the backing track.

The crowd of ten started clapping along to the catchy pop number at first, but were soon sat with bemused faces, wondering why Chantelle was so out-of-tune.

Still, having received a round of applause for her efforts on the M.I.C., she also received compliments from George, Traci and Rula, so not everyone thought it was awful.

The thing is, this mild adulation (or politeness on behalf of her peers) may have gone to the would-be pop star's head, as she subsequently told Big Bro, "I sounded alright". She sounded terrible.

When the omnipresent power, which sees and hears everything, asked if the performance had aroused any suspicions, the 22-year-old model confidently replied, "Not at all".

However, later-on Jodie said of the ear-bashing debacle, "Not only did she not know the words, she didn't even know where to come in!" But the others put it down to her being nervous, so Chantelle survives to sing another day.

Gaaaawd help us!

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