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Latest Task: Make-or-Break For Chantelle?

Big Brother's latest 'Show and Tell' task will probably be make-or-break for poor old Chantelle.

Pseudo-celebrity Chantelle has been on a roller coaster ride since she first entered the Big Brother House, having been given a secret mission the second she walked through the door.

Plenty of lies, worry and suspicion followed, although last night she actually managed to convince one-time doubter Preston that she was, in fact, in a girl group called Kandy Floss. Phew-ey!

However the bubbly blonde can't relax just yet, as Big Bro seems determined to run her through the mill, having devised a new task that requires her to sing. Oh dear.

All housemates will participate in the task tonight, the theme of which is to demonstrate why they are famous.

Former NBA Star Dennis must spin a ball on one finger and dunk a few baskets, while Rula will recite some Shakespeare.

Entertainer Michael will perform a funny turn, while Traci will do some Baywatch-style slo-mo running, clad in a figure-hugging red bikini, of course!

George, Faria and Jodie have to give 90-second speeches explaining why they're famous – Faria's should be interesting. Singers Preston, Maggot, Pete and Chantelle (ahem) must sing one of their own hits.

That'll be no problemo for the first three, but with Chantelle having never even heard the song 'I Want It Right Now', let alone sung it, she could be in schtook tonight.

Big fan Pete has already offered to pen her a hit, but the Essex girl could probably benefit from some singing lessons instead.

Hmm, then again...!

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