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Beers And Tears Before Bedtime

In time-honoured tradition, beers before bedtime produced tears before bedtime for two housemates tonight.

Having been drinking as a result of her team winning the quiz, the booze eventually caught-up with Jodie when she got upset shortly after 11pm.

Big Brother's tactless quiz question about the time Jordan criticised her boobs certainly hadn't helped matters, and the unstable model began to cry, stating, "Being me, it's tough".

Rula gave a consoling hug, and Michael told her that he'd overcome lots of cr*p in his own life, admitting to having-had a cry himself recently. Maggot was also on-hand to help mop-up the tears.

As Jodie waffled-on about how everyone calls her ugly, she revealed that Pamela Anderson is a role model and that she's always wanted to be like her. How relevant that was, we're not sure!

Meanwhile, Pete observed the goings-on from outside and sniped to Dennis, "If you get your t*ts out, people are going to have an opinion".

Discussing the incident later with Michael, George and Faria, the stony singer showed absolutely no compassion, saying, "What are we supposed to do? You can't cry about it for 21 days".

An hour later, Jodie took Dennis out into the garden to explain that she was upset partly because this coming Monday would be 'the anniversary of something'.

And having heard first-hand about all her problems, the basketball legend gave some sound advice: "You've got to put that sh*t behind you". Amen to that.

But Jodie wasn't the only one who shed a tear tonight, as fellow drinker Traci also got upset a few hours later.

The Baywatch babe had a mini-spat with Pete when the tipsy girls tried unsuccessfully to pull the guys' pants down, which caused her to start blubbing.

She also had a whinge about Dennis, saying that he'd offended her by walking away as she entered the house.

So, it's good to see that the equation BOOZE + BIG BROTHER HOUSE = FRICTION and/or UPSET still rings true!

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