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Name: Chantelle Houghton
Age: 22
Lives: Essex
Occupation: Model and Promotions Girl
Chosen Charity: Unknown breast cancer charity
What do you hope to get out of your Celebrity Big Brother 4 experience?: N/A
Other Info:  

Current Game Status/ Position: The Winner of Celebrity Big Brother 4, Chantelle Houghton came 1st (out of 11), beating the other five Finale contestants even though she wasn't a celebrity at the start! She was one of six housemates who remained in the house until the final day of the series, and lasted twenty-three days in the game.

Chantelle was the last person to leave the House on Finale night, Friday the 27th of January 2006 (Day 23), having beaten Runner-up Michael Barrymore – Maggot, Preston, Pete Burns and Traci Bingham had previously been evicted. The public were voting for a winner at the time and she received around 31% in the public vote. NB. Channel 4 released Chantelle's percentage as 56.4%, but BBO has weighted this figure for all the Finale contestants. This is because C4's figures add up to a total of around 160% and are therefore arguably innacurate.

Previously, Chantelle survived possible eviction at the 4th and 5th Evictions on Wednesday the 25th of January 2006 (Day 21), when up against Dennis Rodman and George Galloway. George left first with 65% of the public vote; Chantelle then saw Dennis off having received just 11.5% of the vote herself.

Nomination History:

1st  (Day 5) - Chantelle received no nominations at the first round.
2nd  (Day 12) - At the second round, Chantelle was nominated by Dennis and Pete.
3rd  (Day 14) - There weren't nominations as such due to BB's 'Punishment' Twist, however Chantelle was not chosen as a nominee on this occasion.
4th  (Day 17) - Chantelle was nominated by Dennis, Pete and Traci at the fourth round.

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