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3rd and Final Nominations (Day 4)

The third nominations were notably more brief and taken much more lightly than the two previous occasions. The results of the final nominations were:

Anthea just came straight out and nominated Jack and Keith. “I just don’t fancy sleeping on my own,” was her justification.

Anthea’s nominations: Jack and Keith

Continuing the ‘girls sticking together’ theme, Jack and Keith were also Claire’s choice. Her reason for choosing the boys was because she loved Anthea’s cooking and simply didn’t want to lose her as a housemate.

Claire's nominations: Jack and Keith

Keith began by saying that nominating didn’t get any easier, but then acknowledged it as just a bit of fun. Despite nominating Jack twice before, he had decided to leave his roommate alone this time. So, he nominated both girls, making the point that he hadn’t nominated either of them before.

Keith's nominations: Anthea and Claire

Looking as miserable as ever but ‘in character’ really, Jack’s first nomination was Anthea. This was for the simple reason that he wanted his kitchen back. Up to this point a ‘girls vs boys’ nomination situation looked very likely, meaning everyone would have been up for eviction. However, Jack’s second nomination was Keith. When asked by Big Brother why he’d nominated the Irishman Jack said, “How long have we got?" He then reeled off a load of reasons namely, “He makes a mess of the bedroom…cheats at cards…slurps when he’s eating…and he hasn’t been to number 2’s for days.” The latter jack found ‘extraordinary!’

Jack's nominations: Anthea and Keith

So, the tally of nominations after the final round stood like this:

Keith: 3, Jack: 2, Anthea: 2 and Claire: 1.

Two people must go forward for eviction, so with the most nominations Keith was a definite. Jack and Anthea were joint-second so everyone but Claire goes forward for eviction on Day 6. Despite two nominations against him Jack is still looking like the favourite to win, with Claire trailing close behind. We like Keith’s enthusiasm so would prefer to lose one of the girls if we had to make a choice at this stage. However as always, you decide, so please get dialling in aid of a good cause.




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