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2nd Nominations (Day 2)

By the second nominations, the Celebrity contestants were all much more at ease with the procedure. Here's what happened:

Although the boys were "fantastic and marvellous cooks" said Vanessa, she had decided that 'girls must stick together' and so nominated the remaining boys, Keith and Jack.

Vanessa's nominations: Keith and Jack

In a nod to Chris, Claire 'strutted' to the diary room when called. First, she wanted to say that Chris was brave and described him as 'a gem.' She nominated Vanessa purely because she had nominated Anthea on the previous occasion and so was just playing the game. She then nominated Jack because she wanted a go at the cooking!

Claire's nominations: Vanessa and Jack

Upon entering the diary room, it was unclear whether jack was genuinely peed-off or if he had just fallen into his comedic character. He nominated Vanessa first because she was getting on his nerves by going on about what a good cause it was. Also, her hair kept getting into the food and this was annoying him! His second nomination was Anthea. This was because she was "Too jolly by half" and as she was nominated before, he thought it would be funny to do so again.

Jack's nominations: Vanessa and Anthea

Keith stated that it was practically impossible to choose who to nominate, as they were such a great bunch. He then went on to nominate Jack, suggesting that Jack was being too grumpy and bringing the group down. After some waffle, he then nominated Vanessa, clearly swayed by all her run-ins with Chris throughout the day.

Keith's nominations: Jack and Vanessa

Voting along the same lines as Vanessa, she stated that she'd become close to the two girls she shared a room with and had become fond of them. "I'm looking after the girls," she said, even though Claire obviously didn't feel the same way (to be fair, Claire was just playing the game and not taking things too seriously.) So, she nominated the two remaining boys for eviction.

Anthea's nominations: Keith and Jack

So, the tally of nominations after the second round stood like this:

Jack: 4, Vanessa: 3, Keith: 2, Anthea: 1 and Claire: 0.

This means that Jack and Vanessa go forward for eviction. Originally the two most popular contestants with the crowds, one of them will definitely be leaving the house on Day 4. Will the public be keen to get grumpy Jack out, or will they punish Vanessa for all those arguments with Chris? We would prefer Jack to stay as he's provided the most laughs so far. However, you decide, so please get dialling in aid of a good cause.




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