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1st Nominations (Day 1)

Rather cruelly, because of the accelerated nature of this charity show, nominations were done on the first day, live to the nation. Who nominated who? Here are the results:

Keith waffled on a bit, but had obviously been offended by Chris' potentially chauvinistic tendencies, namely Chris asking Claire to make him a cup of Tea. With his second nomination, Keith talked about how he thought Jack really wanted to go home, so he was 'helping him out' by nominating him...of course. That old chestnut, Series-1' Darren style!

Keith's nominations: Chris and Jack

Obviously finding it difficult, Anthea's nominations were rightly based on the sensing of some possible friction between Keith and Chris. So, her idea was basically to get rid of at least one of them, just to try and prevent any arguments in the house.

Anthea's nominations: Chris and Keith

Chris' method of choosing nominees for eviction was to 'randomly' pick from 5 pieces of paper, each a different length, each representing one of the other contestants. This slightly dubious practice is a bit of a cop-out and almost certainly would not have been allowed if this weren’t a charity show. It had the potential to be 'not random,' as Chris obviously knew which piece of paper represented which person. He made a bit of a meal out-of reiterating his chosen nominees.

Chris' nominations: Claire and Anthea

She stated that nominating was a difficult process, but then went-on to blatantly nominate based on her pre-conceptions of the other contestants before she entered the house. Although this was understandable due to the short period of time that she'd known them, it seemed odd for her to actually admit it.

Claire's nominations: Anthea and Chris

Jack used a similar method of choosing nominees to Chris. He had brought some playing cards into the house with him and assigned a card to each of the other housemates. He proceeded to say which person each card represented and these were: Queen=Vanessa, Joker=Keith, Ace of Hearts=Claire, Ace of Spades=Anthea and King=Chris. He asked Big Brother to choose two cards and when this was declined, Jack put the cards briefly out of view and then held up the King and the red Ace. He stated that he was nominating Anthea and Chris, although if his previous account of the names he'd assigned to the cards was correct, it should have been Chris and Claire that were nominated. We wonder whether jack just slipped up or if he had already made his mind up about whom he wanted to nominate, but tried to disguise it! If he had stuck with his previous declaration of which card represented which person, it would have been Anthea, Chris and Claire up for eviction.

Jack's nominations: Anthea and Chris

For the second time that day, although like Keith she didn't actually use the word, someone was unhappy about chauvinistic behaviour from Chris. He'd apparently stated that he didn't think housework was 'men's work' and this obviously riled Vanessa. She also mentioned that he didn't seem to be joining-in with the group, although he had been teaching her some boxing skills for a while, which she seemed to enjoy. Akin with Keith, Vanessa also nominated Jack because she thought he wanted to go home, making Vanessa's nominations and reasons very similar to Keith's. Had they been conferring perhaps? She did add that she found it difficult to nominate in general and was reluctant to do so.

Vanessa's nominations: Chris and Jack

So, the tally of nominations after the first round stood like this:

Chris: 5 (everybody nominated Chris), Anthea: 3, Jack: 2, Claire: 1, Keith: 1 and Vanessa: 0.

This means that Chris and Anthea go forward for eviction, the others are safe for now. The two people looking most likely to win at this stage are Jack and Vanessa. Although up for eviction, we'd like to see Chris last a little longer as his eccentric behaviour is quite intriguing and at times, compelling to watch. We can't wait to see what happens for the rest of the week but in the meantime, please get dialling in aid of a good cause.




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